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Other Voices

Of Gods and Men Sony Classics film press release (pdf) — 2011

We must look to the past, not Isis, for the true meaning of Islam
Robert Fisk
The Independent Newspaper — 2017

Commander of the Faithful as Added Value for Educators
by Bonnie James
3 pages

Muslims Come in Different Shapes and Sizes, Too
by Jane Coon
4 pages

Commander of the Faithful (Book Review) (pdf)
by Jim Gant
2 pages

A Pig Farmer’s Movie Deal
Rappahannock News — 2011

Town in America’s Heartland Honors World-Renowned Muslim Hero
by Kathy Garms, Peace X Peace — 2010

Abd el-Kader and the Massacre of Damascus
by Rany on the Royals — 2010

Iowa and Algeria Share a Hero
by Mary Leopold, Peace X Peace — 2009

Comments on J Kiser’s article
Letter by Anne-Marie Gustavson, sister of Pierre Claverie